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"Amagi Brilliant Park" English Dub Introduction With Trailer And Cast List

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Crunchyroll is reporting that Sentai Filmworks will release Amagi Brilliant Park on BD and DVDon February 28th.


The 2014 anime is based on the light novel series by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima. Sentai has released the full cast last for the English dub.


Seiya Kanie

Adam Gibbs

Isuzu Sento

Molly Searcy

Latifah Fullanza

Cindy Lou Parker


Tiffany Grant


Allison Keith-Shipp


Jessica Calvello


Emily Neves


Luci Christian


Juliet Simmons


Allison Sumrall


Mark X Laskowski


Clint Bickham

Rubrum the Red Dragon

Josh Morrison


David Wald


John Gremillion


John Swasey


Greg Ayres


Rob Mungle


Ty Mahany


Kelly Manison


Luis Galindo


David Matranga


Tiffany Terrell


Andrew Love

Takaya Kurisu

Jay Hickman

Aisu Kyubu

Katelyn Barr

Eiko Adachi

Shanae’a Moore

Biino Bando

Natalie Rial

Shiina Chujo

Brittney Karbowski

Mutsumi Terano

Chelsea Ryan McCurdy


Cara Duncan


Luci Christian

Chiba’s Mom

Tiffany Terrell


Luci Christian

Tiffany Grant

Chelsea Ryan McCurdy

I have not seen a lot of Sentai dubs, and was surprised to learn they were making them. When Sentai Filmworks was first formed from the ashes of ADV the business model was low cost sub only box sets of B and C level shows that would not make back enough to pay back the cost of dubbing. I am happy to see that they are doing well enough to afford dubs. There are a lot of VA who aren’t getting work at Funimation, a lot of older vets from the ADV spike of the early to mid 00s. With the splurge of broadcast dubs there are a lot of younger talent coming up so Funi has no real incentive to use some of these vets which is a shame. Also, anytime there can be competition in adaptations it’s a good thing. Since I am not familiar with Sentai’s dubbing I don’t recognize a lot of the names in this cast list. The actors playing Kanie, Sento and Latifia-Sama are unknown to me. There are some I recognized like Luci Christian and Tiffany Grant. Sentai has also released a trailer of the dub. I had heard some bad things about Sentai dubs but i’ll be honest I’m looking forward to this one.

Adam Gibs seems to be channeling a bit of Christian Freeman’s Kyon. He has the snarky voice down. I like Molly Searcy’s Sento, she has the serious, take no shit attitude down. The rest of the cast sound good. She only gets one line but I think I am going to love Luci’s Moffle. There are also videos focusing on just the main three cast. The Kanie one gives Adam a lot more to work with and it made me more confident in his performance. The accent will take some getting used to but he has the asshole role down perfectly. Overall I think this will be a great dub and I will have to think about getting this when it comes out in February.

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