Fact of the day - 6/26/15

Did you know that all of you on O-Deck are freaking awesome and I extremely grateful for the support you have given me since I started doing this?


As you read this I am probably enjoying PortConMaine. If you live in the Maine or northern NE area, come on by the DoubleTree hotel across from the Maine Mall this weekend, it’ll be a blast. Since FOTD will be on hiatus until I return on July 13th, I wanted to end the week by thanking everyone who reads this little bit of rambling that I put up every morning. First off, my thanks to Dented and Frank N. Stein who regularly share this to the O-Deck. I really appreciate that. And I want to thank all those who read and star this regularly. There are so many of you I wouldn’t feel right just picking out a few. But I am happy that I have the regular fans of this column that I do. The other day someone suggested that maybe I cut back to once a week since each of these has so much content. I thought about it but the thing of it is I enjoy putting together these daily columns as they are. I enjoy finding something odd or unknown and sharing it with you all. And I just enjoy writing in general so i’m ok with the work involed. So anyway, i’m going to stop before i ramble. Just again, thank you to all who read, star and comment on this. I do appreciate it. I may pop in from time to time if I have time. And I will be back with a new column on the 14th of July. So everyone have a great day, and I will see you all on the next Fact Of The Day.

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