Hello everyone and welcome back to “Talk It Out”. This is the thread, where I, the rugged and handsome Mr. PartyBusDriver, throw out a topic of discussion. We will either get enlightened conversation or entertaining arguing. Either one is fine with me. Since we’re almost to the weekend, let’s close out the week with a talk about commonly heard critisims in media you can’t stand.

Sometimes critique is just and fair. And other times unfair, unreasonable and pointless. And then there are those things you hear all the time even if they make no sense. So let’s discuss them. The commonly heard critisisms of fiction that drive you crazy.

I decided on this topic because of all things, the Honest Trailer video for Fifty Shades Of Grey. The Epic Voice Guy made the point that Christen was a CEO but was never seen doing any actual work. I remember there was a joke made on MST3K for the short The Last Clear Chance about the farm family who never did any chores. That is so stupid. Fiction is not designed to show every single thing a character does. If it was then there would be whole comics dedicated to Bruce Wayne in board meetings and going over invoices and budgets. I mean he is the CEO after all but we never see him doing real work. He just spends all his time doing that Batman thing. Well that’s because there’s a little thing called “off camera”

Bruce Wayne does his business there. And other stuff occurs there as well. Did you know the Enterprise has a head (millitary term for bathroom) on the bridge? I only knew about it because i had one of the first interactive CD-ROMs that let you explore the Enterprise-D. You never see it on camera and it’s never mentiioned. Yet we don’t wonder if the characters ever go to the bathroom. A family is spending some time talking to a police officer in the MST3K short. Spending 25 minutes to an hour at most isn’t going to cause their farm to explode. And i’m sure when he’s not doing whatever with whoever Mr. Grey gets all his work done. But no one wants to see that. We want to see a story, see the plot move. We know the characters do other things and have jobs but that dosen’t have to be shown to the audience. That is why the ‘Dosen’t anyone do X around here?” or the “He’s a super rich CEO, despite never doing any actual work” is a stupid criticism. Well what do you guys think? Am i off base? Do you have your own that bug you? Talk it out in the comments below. Also feel free to share this post to anyone and everyone. Have a great weekend everyone.