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Talk It Out - Anime that made you suspend your disbelief to much.

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Hello AniTay. Since the last few posts I’ve made that have gotten shared have gotten pretty positive feedback, I decided to try and make this is a regular thing. I’m calling it “Talk It Out” and unlike say an Open Thread, there will be a specific topic of discussion. It will of course be related to anime, manga or Japanese culture of some kind. So let’s get things going.


Earlier today on The Concourse there was an article entitled “Jurassic World features cooler dinosaurs and way stupider people.”


I posted a comment stating that if I could handle the suspension of disbelief that Sword Art Online required, a movie about people willingly going to an island filled with dinosaurs as vacation should be no problem. I’ll quote the relevant part.

Now fast forward to the second season and despite all of this happening, people are STILL willingly puting on this helment and playing this stupid game. Now if i can suspend my disbelife that after ALL that people would still play this game, dealing with a theme park of dinosaurs should not be a challange.


If you’ve seen Sword Art Online, then you know what i am talking about. The anime has a lot of plot holes but the fact that there is a second season, meaning that people are still willingly putting these VR helmets on, is just to much. That broke my suspension of disbelief. So what anime just took your suspension of disbelief and broke it over your knee? Let’s talk it out in the comments below.

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