Talk It Out - Cons you've been to, cons you're going to.

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This weekend is IzumiCon here in Oklahoma City. With the con so close it got me thinking about the past year in terms of conventions I’ve been to, and I thought it might be a fun topic for a Talk It Out. So what cons have you gone to this year, and/or what cons do you plan on attending?


So as i said, I have IzumiCon this weekend. I will continue my tradition of working ConOps this year as I have in previous years. I enjoy volunteering and I get my badge for free. So if you’re going to be at the Cox Convention Center in downtown OKC, give me a shout out. I’ll be the one wearing the Kisuke Urahaha hat full of buttons and depending on weather, possibly my Naruto chunin vest, since really where else am i going to wear such a thing?

This year my big con trip was DragonCon in Atlanta. That thing is HUGE and it makes me feel better about this years IzumiCon. We won’t have some of our veterans working this year and we have more guests and bands than normal. But i figure that even at it’s worse, we won’t ever be as busy or crowded as DragonCon was. I recommend makiing it at least once, because it’s insane and awesome and many other adjectives. I probably spent $200 just in autographs but it was worth it. I meet Bill Corbett, Trace Beaulieu and Frank Connif from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax which was awesome, and my new FB profile pic is a pic of Bill and I. I also got autographs from Terry Farrell of Star Trek DS9 fame, and Tom Mison and Nicole Beheri from Sleepy Hollow, very nice folks, all of them.


The only other con I did was Port Con Maine which I do every summer when I go back to Maine to visit friends and family. It’s a small convention but gets a lot of traffic.It’s help in the Doubletree Hotel across from the Maine Mall in South Portland. In recent years they’ve had to set up tents in the parking lot for panels and main events because space inside was limited but there aren’t a lot of other places to hold it in southern Maine. But it’s always a good time. I see friends who run a game shop around the Lake Sebago region, NW of Portland which is along the coast.

My plan next year is hopefully to return to DragonCon, make my usual summer trip to Maine for PortCon and perhaps squeeze in another one. I would love to go back to YoumaCon in Detroit to see Team Four Star and Little Kuriboh.


So that’s pretty much my year in conventions. What about yours?

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