Talk It Out - Favorite nerd stores

It’s almost 5 on a Friday. So let’s get the weekend off right with some good old fashioned nerd talk. It’s time for another Talk It Out.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us have a locale where we spend time with our brothers and sisters who share our passions, buy our swag, play our games or just kill time. The nerd store is one of the best part of having a geeky hobby. And to close out another week, let’s talk about our favorite stores. I got a couple.


1. Crossroad Games- Standish Maine.

Located just to the south of the southern shore of Lake Sebago in Standish, Maine Crossroads is a tucked away little store. It’s in the middle of nowhere but only about 20 minutes from several large towns( well for Maine) as well as near the University of Southern Maine Gorham campus. The owner has been my friend for years and he runs it with his wife. The store has a large community of customers who come for the regular events. They do it all. While Magic is the major businsss, there is a bustling trade in YuGiOh and Pokemon as well. Wargaming is still a large component of the business as well as board and role playing. If you live in Maine or find yourself there, and are a gamer I highly recommend you check the place out.


2. Weekend Anime

I remember when this place used to rent DVDs many years ago. They haven’t done that in forever though. Now it’s more of a regular game store and the anime stock has been reduced aside from manga. But there is a good sized community. The owners run the PortCon anime convention and are well known in the local nerd community because of it. Personally I miss their old location in the basement of a different building. I remember taking a preliminary Japanese class there.


So what are the places you go to for your swag, or to play? Share your stories in the comments.

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