Talk It Out - Great opening/ending theme, lousy show.

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It’s a slow Thursday, So i feel like doing what I do best, striking the fire of friendly intellectual discussion and disccord here in our nerd corner of Kinja-land, with a little column I call “Talk It Out” Today, we’re going to discuss times where the opening or ending theme of a show are the best thing about it.


We’ve all seen it. There’s a show that’s just god awful. A sci-fi or fantasy show with terrible SFX and cliche filled hack writing or an anime with terrible animation, or audience insulting fan service. However the show has such a good and memorable opening or ending theme that you can’t completely hate it.Here are just a couple of my own examples.

Crossing Field by Lisa, opening for the Aincrad arc of Sword Art Online.

SAO is a garbage show. It has a few nice moments and has some good animation and character designs. But it’s full of plot holes, is horribly paced and constantly pushes it’s badass female lead out of the way so the lame dude can get the spotlight. That said, Crossing Field is a kick ass opening theme. The show is worth it for this opening. I’ve heard a few other Lisa songs on my Pandora station that i’ve liked, so you get a chance check them out.


Opening from Star Trek Voyager

Voyager is not my favorite Trek, I will be right up front about that. However, it does have one of my favorite opening themes. I would put it close to DS9’s opening.


So what about you guys? Are there any shows that are dreadful, yet are worth at least watching long enough for the opening song?

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