Talk It Out - Program, feature or application that you never thought you'd use but gets used all the time now.

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It’s a Monday everyone! So let’s ignore all the work we have to do and talk on Kinja.


I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I felt it was as good a time as any for another Talk It Out. Today’s topic is features of a program or operating system, or just a program or application you could never see yourself needing to us, but did and now it’s a part of your everyday life. I’ll start off with my pick, the Sniping Tool from Wind0ws 7.


I’ve known this was a feature since Windows 7 came out but until recently I never had a lot of need for it. I never had a lot of need for taking screenshots on my personal PC. This current job I have with the Help Desk is the first one where taking screen shots of errors messages for tickets or emails was really needed. With my last job with the cell phone carrier I worked at for 3+ years you can’t really screenshot a cell phone and we didn’t send a lot of emails outside the call center. But with this job, there is usually a need several times a day for taking records of errors or other such info the user has and a lot of it can’t be copy+pasted. So because of that, I became good friends with the Sniping Tool and it’s been a major help. Outside of work I do the Twitter for my local church and i’ve started using it for copying pages of information from the bulletin PDF I get to share on Twitter for promoting upcoming events.

So that’s mine, what do you have. Keep in mind it can be just something that’s part of a product or OS, like say the data sharing features on Samsung phones where the phones touch to share files. I can imagine a lot of people were laughing at that but then tried it and now it’s something they use a lot. Or it’s just a program that everyone was using and you resisted using until one day you tried it and loved it. I had a couple. I resisted downloading Pandora for a long time, not really sure why, maybe I just wanted to be a hipster douce for no good reason. Now I use it all the time. I also stayed off Twitter for a long time, since i figured I had Facebook and that was enough. Now i’m checking it several times a day, though not posting much on my personal account. I doubt i’ll ever use Instragram. Anyway, that’s all for me. What do you good folks have?

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