Talk It Out - What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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Well folks, my last day of work is today. We’re hoping for a slow day before we get two days off for the holiday weekend. So i thought I would kill some time with another Talk It Out.


I know I normally use this column to discuss things of a pop cuture or entertainment nature. Today I thought it would be fun to see what everyone in the various Kinja communities has planned for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Perhaps some of you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving, which is fine. Perhaps you aren’t from the USA so this weekend might be normal business for you.

For those who are celebrating, how will you do it? Are you visiting friends and family or spending it at home? Do you have traditions you pull out every year, or a special recipe for a holiday favorite dish? Let’s talk it out!


For myself, my aunt and I will be doing what has been the normal Thanksgiving for the past few years. First off we will take a short drive to Moore, Oklahoma to spend time with my deceased uncle’s brother, his wife and their extended clan. We’ll eat a great meal and watch some football. Normally after that we travel to my aunt’s friends house for dessert. This year her friend invited us for dinner as well so we will be having two meals. This means we will have to pace ourselves :P

So let’s discuss Thanksgiving here at Talk It Out. To get into the spirit here is the classic Thanksgiving song, from a time when the argument could be made that Adam Sandler was funny. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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