I want to do an anime Jeopardy game for a con panel later this year. I found a pretty easy Jeopardy generator online and put together a quick game. I was hoping i might get feedback from the Ani-Tay community. Is it to hard, to easy, not blanaced enough, not enough variety of clues, not enough shows represented. I want to hear it all. The game can be found here. Thanks everyone for your feedback

Edit: I went in and fizxed some spelling. I tried to capatilize everything where needed but for some reason the game dosen’t show it. I’ll work on it more. I also re-wrote some clues, removed the clue for Haruhi sine Xagor reminded me that Wendee Lee and Aya Hirano also both played Konata in Lucky Star. I replaced it with a different female character. I also added the name of the anime to the location answer for context. Also, the voice actor category will be where i show the voice actor and Seiyu and the player guesses the character they both played. Just wanted to make sure that wasn’t confusing. Thanks again for any feedback you can give.